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Shanghai jiushi Hengshan Hotel (Juss Hengshan Hotel Shanghai), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Les deux extrémités de la marche verte s' étendent aux zones de loisirs - Xu Jiahui et Huai Hai Road.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.L 'hôtel possède plus de 300 chambres et suites de luxe, quatre restaurants et bars et un restaurant de Hengshan.La grande salle de banquet sans colonne située au 2e étage, d'une superficie de 575 mètres carrés, peut être divisée en trois salles de banquet séparées du son et équipées d'un plateau central et d'un grand écran d'affichage à del, contiguës à 10 salles de conférence multifonctionnelles de taille variable.La salle de tennis intérieur de l 'hôtel 1,296 mètres carrés peut accueillir des conférences, des enchères et des festivals.Qu'il s'agisse de petites fêtes privées d'une dizaine de personnes ou de grandes conférences d'une dizaine de milliers de personnes, cette place occupera l'ensemble de l'étage et du terrain extérieur, avec une superficie totale de 2,702 mètres carrés de salles de conférence et de banquet, ce qui est votre choix idéal.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Hotel de l 'universEn mettant en œuvre une interdiction complète du tabagisme dans un environnement accueillant, le message positif du développement durable a été transmis aux visiteurs de l'hôtel, qui ont été encouragés à y participer et invités à devenir des touristes responsables.
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Commentaires Plus
  • singstone
    Well, late in the shop, so room reservation
  • rainwang1989
    Hall was badass! room old
  • claireyida
    Friend, every time you come to Shanghai this hotel ... good!
  • m00184453
    OK easy to recommend this location is super nice
  • aoyama
    Which is very nice
  • lcamba
    Which is very nice
  • cissy262
    Good location, Good services. Bit expencive relative to the facilities (if you dont play tennis).
  • carfield
    Service very attentive
  • gene1991
    Good, clean and tidy, bathtub, shower.
  • lillian8402
    This to Shanghai live has three Home Hotel, first home is is Shanghai Regal global East Hotel, second home is Shanghai gorgeous up Ann can hotel, third home is Shanghai green Song Cheng Hotel, now together for a horizontal compared. overall, three Home Hotel are good of, are very satisfaction! was worried sent two copies breakfast words, children may to fill costs, results are is free of. I sleep bad, on quiet degrees requirements compared high, fortunately, this three Home Hotel are very quiet! RegalGlobe hotel, near from the Conservatory, walking not far from public transport is very convenient, a station that is, higher cost of five-star, 20cm higher than the average home, a little worry about kids falling off, rich breakfast, complete facilities, bathtub, smoke mask has two. Ramada Encore hotel, is a bit remote, gongkang Road station to the post, nearly 2 km on foot, it is best to take a tricycle, spent 5-6 Yuan, the biggest advantage is thatCheap, but the lack of air conditioning, started to make some noise in the evening, I didn't wake me! breakfast variety is relatively small, relatively old facilities, no bathtub in my room, smoke mask 1. Pine city hotel, more convenient transportation, Line 7 line to Zhao Jia bang out, prices higher than the five-star Regal international East Asia hotel, but breakfast is not Regal international East Asia Hotel-rich, the facility looks new, a bathtub, but could not find a smoke mask, A little disappointed!
  • e02122773
    Good good good good good
  • a46564658
    831 Yuan set of luxury room. to to front desk check in, non-said I set of is General room, is old no decoration, to I added money upgrade into new decoration of luxury room. I said without has. last to I room card of when with I said General room no clean finished, to I free upgrade luxury room. hehe, typical of flickers people, talk too not mark, dang consumers is fool did?
  • fsleo
    Rooms are spacious and wide. attitude worthy of our Concierge plus Hui. will consider staying in the future.
  • e02972228
    Very good news
  • xglx999
    Elegant environment and convenient transportation, breakfast
  • Flora4
    OK, breakfast good
  • xiaomuxian
    Five-star hotel, quiet, upscale, clean, value for money is very high ... very comfortable enjoyment.
  • Goodfriend
    Opening time is short, the facility is not very new, but maintenance is adequate, the lobby, restaurant clean, fragrance, taste, business management is good, location is good, recommended stay
  • littlefan050
    Not bad, toilet, separation of wet and dry, toilet is separated from the individual more humane, less variety for breakfast and the hotel star slightly off, out the bus station is near the Metro Line 1 line, to HongQiao airport and train station transfer to line Line 2 to arrive.
  • e02772200
    The hotel is amazing, great location, great room, everything was good.
  • goofyei
    Hotel equipment is old, but the bed was good, like tall big bed!
  • e00960262
    High quality and prices
  • alfa_cui
  • sfuscotli
    Free parking
  • leo003
    Very good
    Good, good, requirements can be met, and chose this.
  • aiferya
  • leooo
    Located in the most beautiful Street in Shanghai, hotel is a bit older, nice room renovation
  • lx003515
    The surrounding environment is particularly well
  • Miragul
    All right
  • su1ny
    Location is very good!
    Great location from Hengshan Road Metro station very close. cost-effective.
  • davir
    Also, price is too expensive
  • jcc001
    Satisfied with affordable, good quality service
  • jalmy0415
    Can't seem to hotels outside the hotel with name signs, see the Tennis Center, causing not found when friends come, I do not know why no sign.
  • lovelyrose20
    Other good varieties rarely is the breakfast buffet, and disproportionate to the charges
  • benny_xie
    Bed room small
  • bateer
    Location is convenient, the room facilities.
  • ly0355
    Naozhongqujing French concession, Hengshan Road on the tree-lined, very different from the section of Nanjing Road, so every time a customer arrangements here. so far customers are satisfied.
  • discoco
    A lot
  • amycx
    As always, like, the location is also very convenient.
  • lexson
    Hotel location in Hengshan Road, around a quiet, no lift from the underground garage entrance on the slopes, very convenient, rooms, breakfast was OK.
  • J rain
    Like Hengshan Road, service environment, nothing great nothing to chance.
  • laolan
    Very good! environment and the breakfast was very good!
  • abcfanny8813
    If you want to stay in the old city (French Concession) it is a very good choice. It was my second time there. We upgraded to executive level what is worth the money (afternoon tea, happy hout with drinks and snacks) and separate breakfast room. Everything fine, good service.
  • youcao8888
    It's OK
  • liuliy
    Even if I only use this hotel 2-3 times per year the MD always recognize me. It is my office away from home I send all my packages to this hotel since this is my last stop before I leave China. Great service.
  • e00035548
    Room was clean, convenient location, very near from my work place.
  • ferrerolucy
    Boss book, he reflects the good, cost-effective
  • smallwoman_tb
    Geography well